Welcome to Cherry Hill Village
Welcome to Cherry Hill Village
Welcome to Cherry Hill Village
Welcome to Cherry Hill Village
Welcome to Cherry Hill Village

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CHVHA Asphalt Repairs

July 2024

RE: CHV Asphalt Repairs

Dear Cherry Hill Village Residents:

This communication is to alert residents that asphalt repairs will be starting week of July 15th throughout CHV, work should take 2-3 days (WEATHER PERMITTING).  The repairs will be in the streets and alleys. We ask you to please be cautious in these areas when leaving and returning to your residence. When leaving and returning, you may have to use the other end of the alley to access your home or may have to park on the street. Also if your garage backs up to area marked on the map you may want to move your car to the street the evening before (to avoid being blocked in your garage), as the contractors will be starting early.

The process will begin with milling the asphalt and removing the debris, followed by laying down the new asphalt. (WEATHER PERMITTING).  Please check attached map for asphalt repair locations.

Please turn off lawn sprinklers if they interfere with an area of work located on the map or if there are markings on the street or alley near your unit.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Jeff McDuff, Site Manager

Cherry Hill Village

Herriman & Associates, Inc.

Management Agent for

Cherry Hill Village




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