With an increasing amount of interest in using Cherry Hill Village’s (CHV) communications, there is a the need for clarifying how CHV will broadcast various events, ideas and pieces of information. While we want residents, local businesses and organizations to have these resources available, we must balance this with the goals of Cherry Hill Village Homeowners Association, as well as the time and trust of the residents.
These guidelines provide a reference to the residents, local businesses and organizations for when and how the CHV online communications can be use.
Online media & frequency of use
The online media currently in use represents an effort to reach residents in several online environments. This is to increase the likelihood of each resident seeing a message. Frequency guidelines are aimed at balancing keeping residents informed without “spamming.”
CHV online communications include, but are not limited to, the following media:
  • News articles on the CHV website ( — up to 2-3 articles per week, at least one article per month
  • Posts or links on the Cherry Hill Village HOA facebook page by the page administrator — up to 2-3 posts per day, at least one post per week
  • CHV email newsletter — up to one e-mail per week, at least one e-mail per month.
Types of communications
While ideally all communications are important, the Cherry Hill Village Homeowners Association must prioritize communications because of limited resources (volunteer website administrator time) and to prevent “spamming” residents. Depending on the current volume of communications, and the time availability of the volunteer website administrator(s), publishing of requests will be at the discretion of the website administrator(s). The following priorities will be used as guidelines for communications:
High = HOA oriented
  • HOA Board communications, such as Annual HOA Meeting
  • HOA Committee communications, such as Social Committee events
Medium = Local community
  • Township-sponsored local events and activities, such as Farmer’s market
  • Local fundraisers, such as Canton Dog Park fundraisers
  • Local community or club information, such as a book club
  • Urgent resident information needs, such as a lost dog
Low = Of interest to residents
  • Other (non-local) fundraisers, such as resident-sponsored charity that is not local
  • Other free local events
  • Links to related news articles or websites, such as an article about one of our residents or local businesses
  • Promotion of local businesses
Will not communicate
  • Advertising (the line between “promotion of local businesses” and advertising is at the discretion of the website editor.)
How to request publication
Publications can be requested by sending an email to  All requests must include a full contact name and email address, as  well as the content of the publication.  The online media format used to communicate the message is at the discretion of the volunteer website administrator, but requests can be made.

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