Architectural Design Review Committee

The Architectural Design & Review Committee’s (ADRC) mission is to maintain the unique character of Cherry Hill Village by applying the requirements of the Master Deed, Bylaws, and the Pattern Book to

exterior improvements to existing homes including but not limited to: paint color changes, landscaping & hardscape changes, fences, satellite dish installations, solar panel installations, and pools.

Any change to the exterior appearance of any home or condo in Cherry Hill Village must be reviewed and approved by the ADRC prior to proceeding with any work. Condo owners may also require approval for any INTERIOR changes as well, to ensure building and safety codes are in compliance.

Current committee members (2024)

  • Barb Babut (Chair Person)
  • Jim Saunders
  • Bryan Jaros
  • Craig Simms

Architectural Change Request Process

  • Complete a modification request form for CHV I (Homes) or CHV II Condos).

  • Be sure to complete as much of the ACR as possible. Include any additional detail to help describe your proposed project.  A mortgage survey (or site plan) is helpful to show where your fence, wall, deck, patio, etc. is placed within your property.

  • Obtain neighbor sign-off where applicable to ensure your neighbors are aware of any changes or impact to their property or view.

  • The ADRC will log your request and review it to make sure we have enough information to understand and evaluate your project.  We’ll contact you if more information or clarification is needed. Very often, someone will visit with you before the project proceeds, which is especially true for fences.

  • The ADRC will return the signed, ACR to the homeowner usually via email. After approval, the homeowner may proceed and obtain any required permits. If your request is rejected, you may resubmit with any changes or corrections to the original plan.

  • Building Permits from Canton Township: It is the sole responsibility of the homeowner to apply for and obtain building permits to support their request. Fences in particular have their own permit application from the township. (See link below).

  • Final Inspections. If applicable, the homeowner will obtain any and all inspections from Canton Township for your completed project. The ADRC may also inspect the final project for compliance to Pattern Book and Master Deed guidelines

Key Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How long does the review process take?

      We like to reserve two weeks to review a proposal, but approvals are usually given before then.

    2. I completed the Architectural Change Request, now what?

      You can email your completed form to and we’ll take care of the rest.

    3. Do I really need a permit?

      Generally, new fences and concrete work require a permit. If you are doing any exterior structural work, please check with the Canton Township Building Dept to ensure you have the latest code and ordinance information.

      For condo owners, a permit will be required for interior changes as noted above. When living in a multi-family dwelling; safety and code compliance is of the utmost importance.

      Any questions? You can contact the ADRC at any time by emailing us at


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